rottnest island.

I’ve managed to get ill again overnight somehow, but despite barely being able to breath and feeling rubbish we headed down to Hilarys Boat Harbour to catch the ferry over to Rottnest Island. We managed to book on a promotion that meant a return ticket was $99 for both of us rather than $172 like it normally is which is a really good deal, it also meant we could use the money we saved to rent bikes when we got to the island! The ferry takes 45 minutes from Hilarys, it was pretty rough as well and I don’t normally get sea sick but it even got me feeling queasy! We went straight to the rental shop and got two bikes, they’re $30 each plus a $50 deposit each that they don’t mention until you’ve got your bike and helmet and are at the counter paying! It’s about the only way to get around the whole island though so it’s definitely a must, there is also a bus but it’s a bit restrictive if you like to do things at your own pace. We cycled so many kilometers round nearly the whole island, it has lots of little bays and beaches and lovely views, as well as two lighthouses as well. Apart from the cycling and beaches the main attraction of Rottnest island are the quokkas that live there and we saw so many of them! They are the cutest little things ever and when they look up at you it looks like they’re smiling! We stopped so many times along the way to take pictures of them and of course had a famous quokka selfie. There’s also a couple of shops and cafes on the island as well so we spent the last hour having a drink before getting the 16.30 ferry back over to the mainland.

We went to meet one of my old friends from school and his fiance on our way down to Matthew and Sara’s, so that was nice to catch up with them, and then we had a lovely evening celebrating Sara’s birthday at their place with some drinks and some amazing meatballs and potato cooked swedish style!

We had a nightmare on the way home though and hit a kangaroo in the car, damaging the wing mirror, headlight and side panel, when we took it back to the rental company they made us pay a $800 excess and a $110 admin fee so not the best way to end our time in perth and it’s thrown us off a bit. Definitely won’t be hiring from Joondlup Car Hire again, we’ll be sticking with old faithful Budget! It sucks when something you hadn’t planned for happens like this as it completely throws you off in terms of budget and enthusiasm for the trip! But our next stop is Bali tomorrow and I’m looking forward to forgetting the whole incident and spending some time relaxing and experiencing a different kind of life. Oh and the kangaroo we hit survived for anyone who was worried, little bugger just hopped off into the bushes totally unfazed!

rottnest island.
 quokka selfie.

happy quokka.

hanging out with the quokkas.

smiley quokka.

quokka selfie.

  my favourite 😀

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