top five, melbourne.

five. shrine of rememberence, a short walk or tram ride out of the city on st kilda road is the shrine of rememberance, an amazing tribute to the different wars that australia has fought in. it’s very quiet and it’s a lovely place to relax and sit and reflect, definitely worth the little trip out of the way.

four. bbq in the park, there are so many places to sit and have a bbq around the city, most parks have a few dotted around. the best place is on the bank of the river yarra, especially down towards rod laver arena, such a beautiful area!

three. om vegetarian, melbourne has loads of great vegetarian places especially all you can eat ones, but if you’ve read any of my previous posts about melbourne you’ll know i am a serious advocate for Om. Only $6.50 for all you can eat the food is always fresh, it tastes amazing and the staff are really friendly. head to the restaurant on elizabeth street for the best experience.

two. sandringham beach, fourty minutes on the train from melbourne sandringham beach is the most beautiful in the area, the sand is so clean and the water so clear, it’s amazing. walk left along the beach over lots of rocks and beach to get to half moon bay which is quieter than the main beach and so pretty.

one. victoria night market, my favourite place in the whole of melbourne! victoria night market is so much fun, there are loads of food and drink stalls, people selling clothes, jewelry, home decor, as well as lots of live music as well. the atmosphere is great and the whole place smells amazing. there are food stands from all over the place selling malaysian, thai, carribbean, italian, mexican, america, vegetarian, everything! the night market is on every wednesday throughout the summer months and is such a good way to spend the evening.

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