roadtrippin’ from victoria to new south wales.

What a great few days we’ve had driving our way along the Victoria and New South Wales coastlines, the whole journey has been beautiful and the nice weather has really helped. It’s been between 16-20 degrees since we landed back in Melbourne and even that little bit of extra heat makes such a big difference, it’s nice to walk around and the car isn’t absolutely freezing in the middle of the night anymore! We collected the rest of our things from friends in the city before setting off on the three hour drive from Melbourne to Sale, we stopped off at Coles on the way to get the shopping for the week, then drove straight there. We had a look around the town and borrowed the free wifi at McDonald’s before finding a place to sleep for the night just outside the centre, we even managed not to wake up in the middle of the night absolutely freezing which was nice!

Next morning we drove down to Seaspray and through the Gippsland Coastal Park, the road is in between the Gippsland Lakes and Ninety Mile Beach so a nice chilled out drive, with a few different beaches including The Honeysuckles and Paradise Beach. There are also twenty free campsites along the road which is awesome, we had heard there were some but didn’t want to risk driving down there from Sale for them to be full or no longer free, but there were only a couple in use, such a great spot to camp! Our next stop was a random bridge I’d read about in a tourist guide we picked up that day, it’s a trestle bridge build in 1916 for the trains, obviously no longer in use, but it’s abandoned now and looks pretty cool just stood in the forest. Lakes Entrance was next which was a lovely little place, we stopped and checked out the various look outs and beaches before heading on to Snowy River Country, another lovely drive through the country. The snowy river runs all the way down to Bass Straight, but if you stop at Marlo it has a great little paddle boat that you can take cruises on sometimes. It was built as a replica of the original boat that transported goods up and down the river, but was washed away after a flash flood. We stopped for lunch in the beautiful spot in Cape Caden, which had a few bbqs and picnic benches, just on the other side of the trees is the ocean so definitely worth the little drive. Our last stop before crossing over the border was River Cann, another nice little place built on a river! We hadn’t actually sorted the car out after shoving two suitcases and two backpacks plus a load of food in it randomly the night before so we emptied everything out to get a bit more organised, before heading off and over the New South Wales border!

Don’t know why I was so excited by it but it was great driving over and seeing the sign saying welcome! We drove down to Quarantine Bay to check out what the fishermen had caught and hang out with a huge group of Pelicans, who are ridiculously big when you get up close! Next stop was Eden where we’d planned to stay for the night, there was a caravan parking place that we scouted out pretty early for us to sleep, so we spent the evening checking out the town, walking on the beach and bbqing dinner which was all great! We also went to the tiny library next to the tourism centre and got some wifi codes so we could use that later in the evening.

Managed to go to sleep quite early and sleep all the way through to 7am which was great, nice and refreshed for our completely pointless drive through Mimossa Rocks National Park, we drove down a dirt track until we came out on the other side at just a normal road, so went back and took the only other turning along the track, drove down that for what felt like forever and still didn’t reach the waterfall we’d read was down there, so we turned around and went back! So many of the interesting places in Australia are at the bottom of long dirt tracks or unsealed road and it’s such a risk taking a hire car down there. After that little mishap we drove a couple of hours inland to the Kosciuzko National Park which was awesome, we got to the pay station and got chatting to the lovely woman working who once we’d told we were backpackers and had been travelling for weeks gave us a free pass for the park! So helpful and meant we could actually drive through and have a look round which was great. We bbq’d our lunch at Threadbo which in the winter is a really busy ski resort, I wish we could have skied there as it would have been awesome! Then we drove up to Charlotte’s Pass which is the highest point with a great look out of Mt Kosciuzko and had quite a bit of snow too! It was only 4 degrees up there so we came back down pretty quickly and drove over to Australia Capital Territory and Canberra!

Canberra is like a miniature DC at night it’s awesome, there’s a parliamentary zone which has the parliament building, national archives, Australian museum etc, so nice to drive round. In the morning we checked out the centre and went up to the Australian war memorial, then had a look at the parliamentary zone in daylight as well which was cool, apart from that there isn’t too much else to do but like everyone says it’s still cool to visit the capital whilst you’re in the area! In the afternoon we drove over to Batemans Bay which is back on the coast, we bbq’d there before heading up to Nowra. We didn’t manage to escape the rain though and it threw it down all afternoon and most of the evening too so we couldn’t really do much! We drove up to Kangaroo Valley which is a tiny little village with a couple of shops and a pub called The Friendly Inn where we stopped for a drink, before settling down for the night.

Early the next morning we drove to Fitzroy Falls which was only another twenty minutes or so down the road, it costs $3 to park in the car park and that allows you access to other points within the Morton National Park as well. The falls are about the only beautiful thing in Australia that isn’t at least a kilometre walk from where you park your car, it’s only a two minute walk to the first viewpoint and the vista is absolutely incredible. If you visit Australia and can only go to see one thing, it has to be Fitzroy Falls. From each of the different viewpoints that you can walk to there is an awesome view of the falls and the mountains/hills as well, I’m not easily wow’d anymore but this genuinely impressed me. So glad we added it to our trip! As well as the beautiful falls we were lucky enough to see a lyrebird up close and listen to it singing and imitating random noises, it was absolutely awesome! The benefits of getting up early and arriving somewhere before anyone else! We then drove on to Wollongong where we’ll be watching the crossfit regionals on Sunday. It’s quite a big city and there are lots of lovely walks and beaches, as well as the city centre with tons of shops too. We signed up to a free trial at a gym in the area and spent almost two hours in there, we haven’t done any sort of workouts except walking and a couple of runs here and there since we left Melbourne so it felt AWESOME to get back to the gym! Plus we then had a beautiful shower and I got to wash my hair, ha! Spent the afternoon walking round, having a look at the shops and beaches, we even treated ourselves to some frozen yoghurt, yum!

early morning sun at ninety mile beach.

trestle bridge.

quarantine bay.

view from charlottes pass at kosciuzko national park.

double rainbow.

telstra tower at sunset.

view from the australian war memorial.

parliament house.

afternoon tea at the cake store, nowra.

fitzroy falls.

fitzroy falls.

view from fitzroy falls lookout.

lyrebird singing in the forest.

the beach at wollongong.


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