sydney and the blue mountains.

We made the beautiful journey along the Great Pacific Drive on Monday morning, after another great gym session at Plus Fitness, freshly inspired from the Crossfit Regionals! The drive is sign posted from Wollongong and goes all along the coast past lots of lovely beaches, then along cliff road which is, you guessed it, full of really tall cliffs, then through the gorgeous Royal National Park, it’s a really bendy road with lots of twists and turns so you drive quite slowly which is nice as it gives you time to take everything in. We stopped off at a couple of lookouts for some pictures of the beautiful scenery, before arriving at Sutherland to a big sign that says ‘end of grand pacific drive’ and then all of a sudden you hit big towns and city’s which if you carry on takes you to sydney! However as we still had a day left with the car we made a trip up to Blue Mountains, around an hour West ish from Sydney.

We drove to a couple of different lookout points off the main road through the blue mountains region and went for a couple of quick walks which was nice, the first place we stopped was Echo Point which has a gorgeous panoramic view of the three sisters and all the other mountains in the background, then we drove along cliff drive which has a few different places to stop all with different names. After about the third stop we realised that no matter where you go the view is always pretty much exactly the same! We went to Govetts Leap which again had basically the same view as the rest of the places we’d stopped, but it was still nice to be in a pretty area like that for the afternoon so we enjoyed it. The final place we went to was Wentworth Falls but they were tiny and wasn’t much going on there so we didn’t stay long. I think the thing to do at Blue Mountains is the cable car etc. at Scenic World but we weren’t too fussed about it so didn’t bother, I reckon it’d be quite good though if you walked down to the bottom and then got the cable car back up to the top again, maybe we’ll do that when we head back to Sydney in the future.

We waited for the traffic to die down on the motorways before driving into the city for our first look, we stopped off at the Olympic Park to have a quick look and then went straight to the centre, the cbd looks awesome on a night when everything is lit up! We took a couple of random turns looking at all the different buildings before driving over the harbour bridge and towards Manly. I love city lights especially in big places like Sydney, everything looks so nice! We stayed the night in Manly so we could watch the sunrise on the beach in the morning which was absolutely beautiful! Manly itself is a really nice place, lots of surfers of course and lovely little cafes, shops etc. definitely a good place to live if you could afford it. Once we’d sat and watched the sun for long enough we drove back into the city which took a good hour and a half, returned the car and then checked into our hostel which, surprise surprise was pretty gross! I look forward to the day I can book nice hostels and hotels without worrying about the cost, ha!

I wish I now had lots of great things to write about all the fab things we did in Sydney and that we spent two days seeing everything like we normally would, but I think after seven weeks of constantly being on the move, travelling, living out of bags, being ill etc. we sort of gave up on being tourists! We went to the gym for a couple of hours after we’d checked in and then by the time I’d repacked my entire suitcase (I had to merge my rucksack with my suitcase and I seem to have bought a lot of things in the last seven weeks) it was time to head out to meet a friend for a drink! On our walk into the city we passed a mexican place called Beach Burrito and on the last Tuesday of every month they have a special offer on for $2 tacos! We couldn’t believe our luck so of course went straight in and ordered loads of them! The service was super quick and the food was lovely, we were staying in Kings Cross so this branch was on Darlinghurst Road and I’d definitely recommend it for a super tasty but cheap meal, even without the crazy $2 deal the prices were good and they seemed to do a different deal every night of the week. On the same road is the famous Gelato Messina so we of course had to stop there for dessert! A friend recommended we go to the one in Melbourne but we completely ran out of time so it was on my list of things to do once we got to Sydney. The staff are lovely and they let you try basically every single flavour until you decide which one (or two, or three) you want, it’s great! I had pear and rhubarb flavour and then one with a weird name that was caramely, so so good I could have sat and ate it all night! We met up with one of my sisters really good friends for what was supposed to be one drink, that turned into jug after jug of cider at Scruffy Murphy’s, whoops! It’s great to catch up with people from back home even if you haven’t spoken to them in ages or you don’t know each other that well it’s just good to hang out and share great travelling stories and experiences.

On our second day in Sydney things really got exciting when I had cereal for the first time in ages! The hostel do a free breakfast, which is literally a few boxes of cereal and some milk, but it was free which automatically made it great! We hit the gym again early in the afternoon and then went for round two on the suitcase, this time we tackled Sammy’s who seemed to have collected even more stuff than me! Another completely aimless day not doing much but it felt so good, I’m so glad we already know we’re coming back to do Sydney properly later in the year, we obviously would not have been this lazy if we weren’t only here for the State of Origin game!

grand pacific drive.

three sisters at echo point.

panorama at blue mountains.

sunrise at manly beach.

anzac bridge.

mi casa su casa at beach burrito.

so many flavours at gelato messina.

finally managed to whittle our choices down to just two each.

izzie and myself at scruffy murphys.


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