the next chapter.

Well after an awesome seven week road trip through South Australia, Western Australia, Bali, The Gili Islands, Tasmania, Victoria, Canberra and New South Wales, it’s finally time for us to look for work again. The money has run out, we’re both knackered and the list of places we must see has been ticked off! We flew with Tiger Air from Sydney to Brisbane on Thursday morning, we even managed to come in just under our 30kg weight limit for the luggage, phew! One of Sammy’s friends picked us up from the airport and we are lucky enough to be staying with her until we figure out a plan. She lives in Ferny Grove which is a lovely suburb north of the city, there’s a big Coles, Jetts gym and some lovely coffee shops etc. too so a really good place to be.

We’re looking for farm work at the minute so that we can extend our visa, but also for anything in the Brisbane area to tide us over until we can get our regional work sorted! So if anyone has any recommendations then we would love to hear them! Sort of sad the adventure is over but also looking forward to earning money and the new adventures that will bring!

flying over Queensland.

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