where’s the snow?

My absolute favourite time of year is Christmas. Wrapping up against the cold weather, shop windows decorated with all things festive, eating too much, drinking too much, the smell of cold air, Christmas markets, Christmas shopping in general, decorating the tree, wrapping presents, catching up with friends and family you only see at this time of year, Love Actually, the potential for snow and just that feeling that I get as Christmas approaches. I can’t describe that feeling for the life of me, so I guess it must be a little something like true love, yes, that is how strongly I feel about Christmas.

warm log fire and the snowy cold outside.

now this is how to set up your table for christmas dinner.


The problem with Christmas this year is that I’m in Australia. Everyone back home will be thinking I’m mad, they’ll say “how is that a problem, you’ve escaped rain and wind and cold and you can lie on a beach sunning yourself this Christmas”. Which of course is right and I probably am mad for saying such a thing when this is exactly what I wanted this time last year, but the problem, as they say, is that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

obligatory trip to see the coca cola truck and wonderful christmassy food.

wrapping up against the cold london air.


SO true, all those Christmassy feelings I normally have, all the festive cheer, decorations, shopping, non of it’s happening and I have a small suspicion it’s because I’m currently roasting in Outback Queensland, average temperature of the last couple of weeks being about 45 degrees C. I just don’t feel the same, I have no one to buy presents for, nothing to wrap, we’re living in someone else’s house and they don’t have all the usual decorations we would have and worst of all my friends and family aren’t here.

definition of christmas tree.

time to catch up with friends and family.

I have some amazing friends out here but it’s still just not quite the same and to make it worse Australians just do not care about Christmas on the same level as we do. I decorated the shop window at the end of November and all anyone said was “That’s a bit early isn’t it?”. Early, early?! It’s the end of November this should have been done in September, my retail instincts cried out, but no one understands because they just don’t do Christmas quite right round here.

the kind of shop windows I’m looking for.

I’ve been looking at flights home for a visit since about July, for those few weeks over Christmas when everything is wonderful and cold! But unfortunately they were way to expensive to warrant a trip home, not when it takes so much money out of the savings for Asia and South America next year.

present wrapping legend, serious christmas shopping and novelty christmas clothing.

So whilst I am incredibly grateful to be in this beautiful country and am determined to have a great alternative Christmas, think of me next time you wrap your scarf around your neck, light a fire to keep warm, and put the tinsel on your Christmas tree.

a student effort at a christmas tree and puppy dog with her presents.

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