now we have a plan.

Well after weeks of being undecided about what we would be doing for Christmas and New Year a plan has finally come together. We were considering a road trip to the coast to spend Christmas Day on the beach, but after talking to our friends from Toompine, Laura and Gina, we decided that Christmas in the bush could be just as aussie as Christmas at the beach. The two girls are currently at the coast on a road trip of their own but will be coming back to Quilpie next week to surprise the owners of the pub they worked at, Dogga and Robin. You never feel unwelcome at Toompine and so spending the day there with good friends, food and drink really seems like the most fun! Especially as during the festive period in particular you really start to miss home and being surrounded by friends and family.

looking forward to seeing this rowdy lot on christmas day.


As for New Year we’ll be heading down to Moreton Island for a few days away with friends from Quilpie, Amy and Joe. It’s somewhere that’s on my list of things we still have to do on the East Coast so getting to go there with friends as well will be great! This will be my first New Years for a couple of years, I always seem to be working, although last year I was mid flight over here!

After talking to Elle about her plans for the New Year we came to the conclusion that we both really want me to stay in Quilpie and carry on working at the Newsagency, so I think that will be the plan providing I can get my second year visa through, which still hasn’t arrived, eek! The second time round in Quilpie everything seems so much better, there’s more stuff going on, I’ve made loads of great friends, I’m getting paid a lot better and although it’s incredibly hot all the time it at least means that we can do summer things and be outdoors all the time, which is the best!

My Auntie is coming over in January so I’ll take some time off to meet her at the coast but apart from that it’ll just be working away at here, saving lots and lots of money, ready for our next travels!

I don’t really feel excited about Christmas this year at all which as everyone will know is completely unlike me, but everything is just so different it’s hard to get excited. It’s super hot every day, I’m surrounded by dirt and mulga, no rain or snow in sight, no presents to open (yes being able to open material gifts does make me happy) and the main thing, none of my family are here, so it’s all a bit different and strange, however now we have a plan and we know we’ll be spending the day with great friends as well as having a bit of time off, I’m definitely looking forward to it a lot more! Which is good seeing as it’s just a few days away now, seriously when did that happen and where has 2015 gone?!

getting in the festive spirit.


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