and the rest.

As promised here is a bit more of what I’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks in good old Quilpie town. The last week or two before Christmas have been particularly manic, I think I need another week to catch up on all the missed sleep!

We’ve been to visit Billy a few times since we’ve been back, I’m sure every time I see him he’s grown twice the size, I can’t believe how big he is now. Even if we’re just ‘popping in’ for a quick visit with Billy and Leila, it always turns into several hours of chatting, eating and drinking, oh and being entertained by the dogs Mulga and Gidgee and of course Billy too.



After a busy weekend for Sam’s birthday I had another busy week with going swimming on a morning, having dinner and drinks at Soph’s, which was actually supposed to be a workout in her back yard but then it rained and we sort of gave up! The next night was a bit of a crazy one, I went boxing with Amy, then went to judge the Christmas Lights competition (not sure how I got that job but it was awesome) and then back to Amy’s for an amazing pulled pork dinner with her, Joe and Scott. This was all followed by a couple of shifts at the pub the next couple of nights, late nights working and early starts for swimming left me exhausted!

accidentally moved from working out to drinking.

boxing before pulled pork dinner.


completely out of focus but, christmas lights!


more christmas lights.


spencer the sheep joining us for dinner.


Elle came home again which was lovely and on the Friday after work I headed down to Toompine to meet everyone for their Christmas Party, another really great night, which resulted in us staying at Cowley for the night and then waking up a bit last minute to get to work, whoops, again! I managed to survive that with the help of a cheese and ham toastie from the cafe next door, don’t know how I would have got through the last couple of weekends without them! Saturday night was more drinks at Tom’s as it’s the last week or so that he’s in Quilpie before moving to Roma, followed by a great day spent in the garden weeding and mowing and having a general tidy up, I was feeling very productive by the end of the day!

one terrible picture from friday night at toompine.

had a run in with a mulga tree.


garden day.

The next week was probably the busiest of them all, an amazing dinner at Bob and Lor’s on the Monday, swimming Tuesday morning, work at the newsagency, work at the pub and then a few too many drinks with Jess and Owen after I finished, once again forcing me to walk home, at least I had the two of them for company! However on the Wednesday after I finished work I actually took myself pretty much straight home and tried to get a relatively early night, in time for Christmas festivities the next day!

Jess and I thinking pictures in the street in Quilpie were a great idea!


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