christmas in the bush.

I really wasn’t too interested in Christmas this year, it never really felt like it was coming up and even though there were odd moments where I’d feel really festive for a while they were often short lived as I remembered I was away from family and friends and it was about 45 degrees outside!

However I honestly had such an amazing Christmas Eve and Day out in the bush, surrounded by friends it was something completely different that I know will probably be a once in a lifetime thing, which made it even more exciting.

On Christmas Eve we had a staff party at the newsagency which was so much fun, it basically involved lots of cheese, biscuits and alcohol, which I now think are pretty much the only things you need to throw a good party! Myself, Elle, Sam, Leah, Bob, Lor and Drew sat out the back with our beautifully decorated Christmas table and fairy lights eating and drinking, kicking off a good start to our Christmas Eve.

christmas staff party.


danette, elle, amy and I.


amy and I, super christmassy.


splita boy getting dressed up too.


Next stop was the pub for an awesome BBQ and a few more drinks with Amy and Joe, before heading over to Tom’s house for a party, involving a lot of vodka, music, dancing, pull ups, gossiping and just generally catching up with everyone and having a good laugh. The night was even finished off with a good downpour of rain resulting in a pretty violent game of footie, which left me covered in scratches and bruises! We finally found our way home at about 3.30, dreading the Christmas Day hangover!

myself and amy.


myself, sam and joss, who we first met at birdsville races.


brilliant snapchat of amy, myself and max.


Luckily the next day after two paracetemol and a bottle of water I felt really fresh and was ready to head to Toompine for our big Christmas Day! Firstly though we had to deal with a flat battery on the car, thank god for friendly neighbours! We went over to Elle and Drews to do pressies with them as me and Drew were super excited for Elle to get her iPad and case that we’d worked together on! Finally we were on the road to Toompine and were greeted with traditional ham and eggs for brekky, seriously great start to the day.

good start to the day.


road trip time.


ham and eggs brekky.


After that amazing welcome we all had a really good catch up with everyone, got started on some drinks and played with the dogs until next thing it was lunch time. Robin and Dogga did an amazing buffet for us, loads of pasta, salad, meats and the most amazing cheesecake and desserts, so so good.

christmas dinner, so good.


christmas day selfie.


We took a drive in Gina and Laura’s ute and went down to one of the creeks nearby for a swim which was great, I was adamant we had to do it as it’s such an aussie thing to do! The rest of the afternoon was spent drinking bubbly and sitting in the pool, can’t do that in England! After round two of the Christmas buffet we started on our present from Robin, a bottle of vodka! Mixed with a ridiculously simple but so much fun drinking game, we were soon blaring out music, singing at the top of our voices and dancing on the bar, we are so civilised!

driving through the bush, in a rusty nissan ute.


creek swimming.


happy days at the creek.


having a yarn mid swim.


I don’t think I could have asked for a better Christmas away from home, so grateful to everyone for welcoming us and being able to spend the day all together, definitely on I’ll never forget!

After ham, eggs and ice cream (?!) for brekky, Boxing day started on a bit of a sad note as two of the dogs that were staying at Toompine got baited, clearly I haven’t become completely accustomed to bush life as I was so upset by it all, I just can’t except some things that ‘just happen’ out here.


Our mood was soon lifted after we called in to see Leila, Chris and Billy Bob on our way home, we spent a lovely morning with them being fed yet more food and getting to spend time with Billy again. I even got my first Christmas present from Leila, a beautiful scented candle that I was so excited about!

christmas with the poddys.


billy bob looking very cute.


When we arrived back in Quilpie Leah came to visit us for a bit which was lovely, then we got all our things together ready to leave for the coast the next day, did our washing, tidied the house and all those other boring things that come before the next big adventure! Looking forward to spending a week down at the coast and on Moreton Island with Amy and Joe, New Years on the beach sounds pretty good to me!

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