new year, new adventures.

I can’t believe 2016 is here, the years fly by so quickly when you’re ‘grown up’, it’s crazy how quickly Christmas comes around each year. The last year has been amazing, so many of my plans changed for one reason or another but it resulted in the best year ever, I’m not sure how 2016 is going to top it, but I’m gunna try damn hard to make it!

So here are my initial plans, hopes and dreams for the next year, although if 2015 is anything to go by, none of this will happen when it’s supposed too…


At the end of this month my auntie is coming over to visit which I’m really looking forward too, we’ll be doing a bit of a road trip through Queensland and NSW which will be good fun.

I’ll be turning 25 on the 1st February so hopefully there will be some birthday celebrations at some stage as well, mainly involving the lake or the pub I imagine!

Provided my second year visa comes through (mine went up for review and I still haven’t heard back yet) which it should do over the next few weeks, I’ll be staying in Quilpie to work until August time.

After my Australia dream is over I’ll head over to New Zealand and do a month long road trip over there, in the winter… eek!

The next stop will be Asia; Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore, absolutely cannot wait to finally explore Asia like I’ve always dreamed!


The festive period was all a bit manic for me and I didn’t really get chance to think about what resolutions I wanted to make, probably something to do with the fact I didn’t achieve many of the ones I set for myself last year! Anyway, now I’ve had a think, here’s a few goals for 2016

travel, travel, travel. local, other countries, continents, whatever, just travel.

save lots and lots of money to fund the above.

finally get into shape and get fit, i’ve been saying this for years, now it’s time to do something about it.

be truly independent, recent change in circumstances mean my travels are now solo travels, which is fine, time to make the most of my independence.

just be a happier, better person, i haven’t been truly happy in all aspects of my life for a while now, so 2016, here’s your chance, let’s do this.


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