don’t worry be happy.

In keeping with my promise to be a happier, better person this year I’ve been doing lots of things that make me super happy, mainly involving exercise, spending time with friends, cuddling dogs and working hard. I’m struggling a bit to keep this blog up to date because 1. I’m really busy all the time these days and 2. I don’t really want to sit and write about my general day to day life, this is a travel blog after all! Luckily I’ve been doing a bit of travelling the last week or so, meaning I’ll finally have some new adventures to share with you. For now here’s a few photos from life down under this month…

day at the lake, ellie, christie and me.



a visit to toompine to see my favourite girls. me, laura, gina and lisa.


bossy and me, big smiles!


australia day awards ceremony, complete with beautiful sunset.


passing off joe’s award as my own…


putting in hard work at the shop delivering gas and cleaning out, girl power.

after the rain comes great yabbying opportunities.


midnight yabby trips with dom and soph.


bit blurry but he’s a good size.


and then there was the trip to roma, 1000km round trip just to go for a night out, definitely worth it for the amount of laughs I had with this special one, Leah.

I’m so excited for how positive and exciting my 2016 has been so far, definitely feeling as though this year, is my year!

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