a few of my favourite things.

I’ve been thinking hard about all the amazing things I’ve done over the last year in Australia, I struggle to pick my favourite place, food, beach… all of it just seems so awesome, but I think I’ve finally nailed it this time…


Australian State: Probably because I’ve spent the most time here but also because it’s amazingly diverse and absolutely incredible but it’s gotta be Queensland. White sand beaches, clean city, hot and humid… then head 1000km west and you’ve got red dirt, small outback towns and desert temperatures. Plus the accent is so Australian here and you’ve gotta love that!

Sunset: Has got to be at Ubirr in Kakadu National Park, NT. The sun was huge, the landscape was beautiful and I was surrounded by thousands of years old rock art, amazing.


Event: I was lucky enough to attend loads of sporting events last year but my favourite has to be the State of Origin in Sydney. I’ve dreamt of actually being able to watch one of the Origin games live for years, rather than streaming on the internet at some ridiculously inconvenient time. In 2015 that dream was finally realised!


Beach: I’ve visited enough beaches all over Australia to last a lifetime and honestly don’t think I could pick one favourite but Sandringham, VIC, Noosa, QLD and Whitsundays QLD are definitely in my top three! When they’re all as beautiful as each other who can pick?!


Place to Party: I’ll be honest I haven’t been on a typical night out much since being in Australia, most of my nights out have been to local pubs in the outback and to be honest they’ve been some of the best nights out I’ve ever had, but for a good city night out it has to be Melbourne. Rooftop bars, awesome music and just a general good vibe make it an amazing place for a night out.

poms in aus.

Roadtrip: Stuck between the two week trip through the Northern Territory and the two day trip to Kalbarri National Park… not sure what it was about these two trips in particular but they were just great. Beautiful scenery, long roads that look like they’ll never end, cooking BBQ’s along the way and then finally arriving at the most incredible destinations, my idea of a perfect road trip.


Food: Nothing can or will ever compare to Om in Melbourne. No matter how expensive, how fancy or how different any other restaurant may be, my favourite meal in the whole world will always be Om. $6.50, all you can eat indian, right in the CBD, beautiful food and a wonderful vibe, I could live off that place for the rest of my life!

abbotsford convent.

City: Perth, Perth, Perth! Everywhere is so clean, there’s all the shopping you could need, beautiful walks along the waterfront, great little bars tucked away down small back streets making for a great night out, and the overall vibe is so chilled out which I love!


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