when life gets in the way.

I had big dreams for my blog at the start of last year, how I would write posts every couple of days, fill it with interesting content, make a career out of it and continue to travel the world forever. But then towards the end of the year I started to get really busy and didn’t seem to have the spare evenings and weekends to sit for hours writing articles and researching places to visit, somehow I began to struggle to find time to even sit down at my laptop.

Since then I’ve posted a couple of times but nothing like how I used to, I haven’t even posted about my wonderful trip down the coast of New South Wales and the Sunshine Coast. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m not passionate about travel and writing anymore, I’m just having such a good time building my life that I forget to narrate it online. My last post was over a month ago, how sad for my poor blog!

This week and next I’m going to make it my absolute mission to get up to date on everything I’ve been up to, to my family I am so sorry that you’ve been out of the loop recently, I’ll do better this time! Sometimes life really does just get in the way!

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