bit of this, bit of that.

The main reason I’ve struggled to find time to update my blog recently is that there has been so much going on in the way of just generally living life. A lack of travelling plus lots going on here in Quilpie has left me with no time to chill out, relax or spend any time writing. To keep the folks at home happy as I know some of you wonder if I’m okay when I don’t post for a while, here’s a bit about what I’ve been unto the last month or so.

Australia Day at Wareo, a friends station down the road from Cowley. Leah and I drove to Cowley before setting off to Wareo, somehow we managed to get lost and take an 80km detour so showed up just a bit late to the party! But never mind we still had a great time getting our drink on and swimming in the dam.

olivia and I at wareo.


After a two week trip to the coast which I will post about in the next week or so, we threw a leaving party for Sophie who has moved down to the Gold Coast. She’s friends with a lot of people so it was an amazing party with loads of people in town to catch up with which was great.







I made the trip down to Toompine to catch up with the girls as I hadn’t been for a few weeks, it’s always good fun there and good to hang out with a different crowd.

rain in the distance.


mick, laura, gina and I.


sunrise at toompine.


The cricket final (Quilpie vs Tambo) was held in Quilpie so I spent last Saturday watching that which was good fun. Unfortunately we lost, but it’s the taking part that counts right…


The girls and I have started a new high tea tradition on Sunday’s which is so much fun. Not  fun for the waistline as tea also involves yummy biscuits, but never mind we’ll ignore that for now! Aside from that there’s been lots of lovely dinners and trips to the lake as always, what a life hey!

high tea.


ellie, leah and I at the lake.


friends and dogs and motorbikes and the lake.


homemade pizza, yum.


ellie and I dressed up for Valentines Day at work.



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