I was lucky enough to have another visitor from across the pond at the end of January, my Auntie Ruth has been to Australia a few times already but this year she made the trip to the Sunshine state to visit me and some other family too. The drive from Quilpie to the Gold Coast is pretty damn long when you’re doing it alone, but nothing that some good music, singing along at the top of your voice and tasty road trip snacks can’t fix!

 We stayed in a gorgeous self-contained apartment in Burleigh Heads for two nights, meaning we could explore nearby Byron Bay and the towns along the coast, the weather wasn’t great but we still had a great time sightseeing. I’d been really keen to visit the Gold Coast but after spending just a small amount of time there I wasn’t too keen, this probably had quite a lot to do with the weather as it was cold and a bit rainy too!

byron bay lighthouse.



most easterly point of australia.


cold and rainy gold coast.


Our next stop was Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, it was raining when we arrived but by the evening there was a lovely sunset over the harbour so we had a nice walk down there. The apartment we stayed in was lovely again with good cooking facilities.

evening walk at coffs harbour.






On our way back up to Queensland we stopped off at Nimbin, from what other people had told me it was definitely a love it or hate it kind of place, I think we definitely hated it! I didn’t find that there was anything to do and I didn’t feel the hippie, friendly vibe people seemed to think it had!


We also called in at Crystal Castle which was really good, lots of gardens, crystals and statues, really peaceful to just walk around and relax.


wishing tree.




We spent a couple of days at Tambourine Mountain which I loved. Lots of walking, rainforests and a few waterfalls as well. One of my favourite places were the glow worm caves, I’ve never seen anything like it! It basically rained or was cloudy nearly the whole time we were there but it was one of those places that it didn’t really matter!


I finally visited Australia Zoo whilst on this trip too which was awesome! I’m not really a fan of zoos but I think Steve Irwin is a total legend so was really good to visit this one.




most touristy thing to do in australia ever!


We also visited Noosa on the Sunshine coast which was lovely to go back there again, the weather was beautiful and I got to spend some time hanging out on the beach which was great!


On our last east coast trip we didn’t have time to go to Rainbow Beach but luckily we did this time! We stayed in a really cute hotel and spent some more time on the beach, yay!



The last couple of days we spent on Bribie Island which was great, lots of walking and even though the weather wasn’t great it was still a really pretty place. It’s not far from Chermside Shopping Centre so we went there one afternoon and I did some good shopping and even got my haircut!

Our final stop was Brisbane, we had a nice walk down Southbank and did some sightseeing. In the evening we went to the theatre and saw a production of Cats which was amazing, I haven’t been to the theatre in forever so had a great time!


Early the next morning we had a sad goodbye as I left to head back to Quilpie, so lovely to get to spend time with friends and family from back home, very upsetting when the time comes to say goodbye, but an amazing trip along the coast!

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