how did i end up here.

There’s a lot of work goes into keeping a blog up to date and unfortunately time is not something I have a lot of these days. I say unfortunately but really it’s not unfortunate at all, I’m having the time of my life in Quilpie and am grateful that I have enough to do to not be able to sit down and write for hours like I used too. It’s also difficult when the passion leaves you… not that I’m not passionate about travel anymore because I am, it’s one of my true loves and I will never turn my back on it, but when you’re working every day and building a life and not going to new places, it’s very difficult to have anything interesting to say on a travel blogging platform.

But that’s okay, because now I have a new passion and I will try to keep this blog going with pictures and experiences that will come with this new found passion; house renovation. But first, let me tell you what’s actually been going on in my life for the last six months, as I haven’t been keeping my friends and family up to date, because explaining how and why you’ve changed your entire life goals over text message is very difficult.

Now I don’t mean to air my dirty laundry in public but to understand how my life has ended up at this point we need some background. Towards the end of 2015 I finally realised that I was in a terrible relationship, sometimes two people are just so different with so little in common that a long term life together just doesn’t make sense. My ex and I were two of those people, constantly fighting, wanting different things and just not getting along, and then there was the drinking, it’s incredibly difficult to deal with someone when you’re a happy drunk and they are the total opposite to that. I’m in no way bashing my ex here, we parted as friends and he’s a lovely person, we just weren’t compatible, I wish him every happiness in the future on his travels and when he returns home. So after a New Year’s Eve tainted by arguments I called it quits on New Year’s Day, swearing off boys for the rest of the year, but of course as soon as you do something like that life intervenes.

Back in November I’d started feeling like Quilpie was more than just a town I was passing through, I had awesome friends, a fun job, the place itself is beautiful, I just didn’t feel like anywhere else would make me feel like Quilpie did, so I decided I was going to stay. I didn’t receive my 2nd year visa until March so I didn’t feel the need to mention to family and friends that I didn’t want to go home, what was the point if I ended up being shipped back because my visa was rejected? So I just kept quiet, not even sure if I was definitely going to stay full time anyway.

A few weeks after I’d sworn off boys for the year Leah and I went on a night out in Roma where we decided it would be hilarious if we made ourselves a Tinder profile, just for a laugh of course, well that didn’t go according to plan. I had my first match and message from a guy with a bio that made me laugh, who also happened to be out in Roma that night, we spoke a little bit before Leah and I headed out into big bad Roma town and he told me where he would be drinking if I wanted to have a drink with him, but I put my phone away and didn’t touch it for the rest of the night except to take ridiculous pictures and to help us find our way to our motel at the end of the night! But it was a girls night out and I thought nothing of it, we only downloaded Tinder for a laugh anyway.

The next day with a very sore head I checked Tinder ready to deactivate my profile; but I had a message from the guy I had accidentally been too drunk to reply to, asking if I wanted to go for breakfast with him, but we were already 200km out of Roma, too little too late. But we spent the next week or so texting and getting to know each other and we have so much in common, it’s insane. He makes me laugh and we had pretty deep conversations considering we’ve never met, but that changed when I drove through Roma, and we made plans to meet up. I’m putting his address into my gps and I’m letting Leah know where I’m going (just in case) and we’re planning a phone call in case I need an excuse to leave and this is just  crazy… I’m meeting someone from a dating app that I signed up to for shits and giggles, what am I doing?!

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