butterflies and blue heelers.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I would cry laughing when people used to ask me that, how could people be so ridiculous that they thought they could fall in love the first time they met someone?! So many factors go into love and you cannot seriously think that you would meet someone and instantly know that they were the one. But then it happens to you and your whole world is tipped upside down and there are 6000 butterflies in your tummy and everything just feels right and you laugh that people don’t think it’s possible because now you realise it is and it makes absolute sense, yet no sense, all at the same time!!

I pulled up outside the house and he met me outside and we hugged and I just fell in love, just like that. Everything was so natural, there were no awkward silences, we talked about life and things we had in common and things we didn’t, our family and friends and ambitions and life goals, I met his pet cat and we drove out to his boss’s place to feed his dog… and we sat in the garden with a beer and we went for dinner at the pub. It was just fun and easy… and then he leant across the table and kissed me and I thought my heart was going to explode! It was the best first date I’d ever been on and I never wanted it to end, but I drove home and smiled the entire way, ridiculously, stupidly happy.

Back in Quilpie and I started to freak out, I’d sworn off boys, didn’t want to rush into anything etc etc. but I was already head over heels for this guy, life is never easy I swear. The weekend after that he came out to visit me and despite me not telling anyone, even most of my friends in Quilpie, I knew there was no chance I could push him away just because I felt like I should be single and ‘find myself’ again, which is what everyone seems to think you should do after a break up. Well I’m calling bullshit on that one. I’ve never been in a relationship and felt like I’ve lost myself in the first place! I’m fiercely independent and could never be in a relationship where I wasn’t my own person, so why was I about to sabotage my happiness because of what other people thought, nope, not this time!

After a perfect weekend together in Quilpie I knew I just couldn’t not have him in my life, so we saw each other every weekend from then on, he’d drive 1000km round trip on Thursday or Friday after work and leave Sunday afternoon, now that’s dedication.

At the end of February he turned up at my door with a ball of fur as a late ‘birthday present’, Bandit was only 6 weeks old and was the most beautiful roly poly blue heeler you’ve ever seen, he’s my little sidekick and my first commitment to Quilpie. And that, is how Hayden, Bandit and I became a perfect little family, proof that no matter what you decide and plan for, the universe already had a path laid out for you.


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