pinterest dreams and opportunities.

Hayden decided pretty quickly that he wanted to move out west, knowing that I probably wasn’t going to move to Roma and not wanting to be in a long distance relationship forever, we started asking around for a job, once again fate had a plan and a mechanic job came up at the local garage, within 2 weeks he’s moved out here and started a new job. In that time Amy, Joe and I had begun moving into Joe’s parents place together, we tried so hard to find Hayden a place to rent of his own but he couldn’t move in until a few weeks later, so of course he would stay at our place with us until the new place became available for him. Because obviously we’re not going to move in together properly when we’d only been together a couple of months… how wrong I was!

On the 13th April we went and viewed a house that had come up for sale ridiculously cheap, just to have a look of course, because no one buys a house with someone when they’ve only been together a couple of months… wrong again! Less than a week later and we have a bank loan and are signing contracts… what is happening to my life!? Everything just feels so right about this, there are just so many opportunities too good to miss, and I already know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this guy so why mess around waiting to do all these things because other people tell us we should? So obviously renting a place of his own is pointless now we’re going to have a house, so we all stay in the house we’re in like a big happy family, waiting for contracts to be exchanged and then finally, settlement.

In this time I’ve obviously mentioned this big plan to mum and dad and my closest friends back home, but announcing it to everyone seems silly, I don’t know that everyone cares about what I’m up to, plus most people won’t understand, will say we’re rushing into things, which we are but not without good reason.

If we’re sat together on our front porch in rocking chairs when we’re 80, still in love and still going strong, I don’t want to have no property, no business, no children, no wedding ring, just in case… just in case we don’t stay together, just in case something happend… what if we stay together forever and we have nothing through fear of what if’s? So we bit a whole heap of bullets very quickly and guess what, I’ve never been happier.

We got the keys to our house just 6 weeks after we first viewed it and now we have an awesome renovation project to take on together, I’m so excited to start work and see what we can create. It’s going to be a long journey but a bloody great one. Time to realise my pinterest dreams and live in a real life episode of House Rules, I can’t wait.


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