I only started my blog last year so there are tons of places I haven’t written about that I’ve visited, so here’s a list of everywhere I’ve been but haven’t had chance to write about…yet!


France- several times, mainly Paris, Brittany & Joinville.

Spain- just a holiday.

Majorca & Minorca- holidays.

Italy- three weeks travelling round.

Brussels- twice, once for a music festival in Meerhout.



Ireland- twice, three weeks travelling the whole country and a short trip to dublin.


Germany- Berlin

Czech Republic- Prague

Poland- Warsaw

Slovakia- Bratislava

Austria- Vienna & Salzburg

Hungary- Budapest

Slovenia- Ljubljana

Croatia- Zagreb & Split

Bosnia & Herzegovina- Mostar & Sarajevo

Serbia- Belgrade

Bulgaria- Sofia

Ibiza- a party based holiday, of course.

North America

Canada- Vancouver & Toronto

America- New York, Washington, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia




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